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Assistance Troubleshooting

Throughout the years servicing our customers, we have identified the main sources of troubles that individuals, in particular the senior citizens, but also small businesses, can come across with their PC or Apple computers.

Actually, over 90 % of the troubles that you encounter are not due to hardware problems, but are rather due to complex manipulation and usage of your PC. Most of the times, the equipment does not need repair, but the assistance will consist in helping you find the correct configuration for your equipment like:

  • Unlock and optimize the way the PC works,
  • Solve a technical bug,
  • Set-up the internet connection no matter the internet provider,
  • Get rid of the viruses or spywares on the PC,
  • Restore the operating system, PC or Mac,
  • Find solutions for other kind of difficulties that you may encounter

In case of hardware related problems (less than 10% of the cases) we can help diagnose the origin of the hardware break-down and will provide an adequate repair if necessary.


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