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FRANCE counts 4 main Mobile Operators and numerous MVNOMobile Virtual Network Operator , virtual operator )

Monthly charges vary depending on your contract ( Calls, Sms, Web, Emails )

Which mobile provider must i choose ?

It depend on you needs
... if you need mails and internet access on your mobile, illimited Sms,  calls ...

>> SOSH ( Highly recommanded +++ )

MVNO, low cost company created by Orange ( Mobile Virtual Network Operator )
Orange Network, the best 4G / 3G quality and coverage in FRANCE
4G, H+ / 3G / 3G+ in Fontainebleau
Sim card only.
No engagement.
Online subscription only. Online support only by chat.

>> "B & You" ( Highly recommanded ++ )

MVNO, low cost company created by Bouygues Telecom
Internet connexion 4G / 3G
Sim card only.
No engagement !!!
Online subscription.

>> ORANGE ( Highly recommanded + )

the best 4G / 3G quality and coverage in FRANCE
BE carrefull : 12/24 months Plan !!! :-((
More expensive than SOSH
Orange provide a very good service level support.
Online subscription or local shop.

>> Bouygues Telecom ( recommanded )

Network and coverage are good, but less than Orange
Internet connexion 4G / 3G
BE carrefull : 12/24 months Plan !!! :-((
Online subscription or local shop.

>> Virgin Mobile company ( recommanded )

Full MVNO company which use SFR network
Only internet 4G / 3G
Sim card and Plan.
Online subscription.

>> SFR / Red ( recommanded )

Internet connexion 4G / 3G
Sim card and Plan.
12/24 months Plan !!! :-((
Online subscription or local shop

>> FREE Mobile ( recommanded )

Use this own network infrastructure + Orange Network
Slow internet between 6pm and 9pm
Sometimes Not always possible to join a number the evening.



What i need to subscribe ?

  • You must have a  French address when the contract is created.
  • You need a French bank account to provide a RIB ( Bank details ) with French address.
  • You need French CROSSED and CANCELED Check ( Cheque ) with French address.
    ( not necessary but recommended if your RIB don't have your french address )
  • You must provide a Passport copy ( and Visa if you have )
  • Invoice from EDF ( electricity ) / GDF ( Gaz ) / Eau ( water company ) / Internet supplier ... or computerized rent receipt from landlord or rental agency ( provided every month after monthy payment ). This Doc is 3 month old max.

>> NB :  if you don't have a checkbook, ask to your bank, they can provide it in within 7 days
The checkbook and RIB must have your address where you live in France ( your home, appartment ... )


Even if you subcribe on the web , and after the online form subscription, the provider can ask you fews documents to proove your identity, your address .....
If you don't follow instructions it in the next 8-10 days, your line could be desactivated.
After Online subscribtion, you will received a contract to fill , sing and sent to the provider. + documens to provide.


"Sim card only" subcription or ... plan / contract ?

> "SIM CARD ONLY" ( Recommended !! )

The More + + +

  • Best solution when you already have your unlock mobile.
  • Best price on the web
  • No engagement !!!

The Less - - -

  • Subscription only available on the web / website
  • If you want a new mobile, you will pay the full price, no discount. Do a calculation for 6 or 12 month, could be less expansive than a mobile plan + mobile at discount price.



The More + + +

  • Mobile at discount price around 50% of the normal price ( operator subvention )

The Less - - -

  • 12 or 24 months contract.
  • Plan more expansive than the equivalent Sim card only offer. Because of the operator subvention on the mobile price.
  • Heavy process to stop the contract before the end , possible only for legitimate reason.
  • Moving outside of France is the only legitimate reason you can use.

Resiliation Process :

  • Help on your resiliation contract ( we have created a termination letter template, process by suplier .... to help you to close the contract )
  • Go to MBA Intranet welcome page, right column , a complete folder can be downloaded





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