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Training and Introduction

We have specialized in customer assistance in the new technologies field; our job is to help you with everyday use of your computer.
We have 13 years of experience dedicated to general public and professionals computing on PC or Mac, and we have developed some training modules adapted to your daily usage as:

  • Internet browsing using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari,
  • Mastering receiving and sending emails using Outlook, Outlook Express or Mail
  • Mastering receiving and sending emails using Gmail, Hotmail or any messaging system proprietary of your ISP
  • Receive a training to the basic Office tools,
  • Learn all the tricks to managing and using your digital photos,
  • Learn how to protect my PC against the dangers of internet browsing
  • Secure the access to the internet for children with parental controls,
  • Burn CD or DVD with ease,
  • Listen and download legally music from Itunes
  • Edit digital movies with Microsoft Movie Maker
  • Make free telephone call using Skype,
  • Chat with my relatives on MSN Messenger,
  • Make progress in the use of a software of my choice
  • And so on

You have a specific need ?
Do not hesitate to let us know, and we will make you an offer for a training that will fit your needs.


 for a quotation.


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