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Internet DSL & Wifi


You need to subscribe to an Internet provider (ISP) but you don't know which one to choose ?
We give you advices and we help you to subscribe if necessary

You have subscribed to an ISP and you have troubles to configure all your new materials ?
We handle all when we set-up your internet service provider's box.

  • Installation of your internet connection
  • configuration of your email accounts
  • set-up of your telephone
  • television
  • antivirus, antispyware, sécurity

We also configure other PCs in the home that will share the internet connection - either wired in of with WIFI.

You will need an active line and an account with an Internet Service Provider. Your internet provider can be Orange, Free, SFR, Noos, Numericable Alice, or any other less known provider, it will be important for us to have access to the email configuration documentation given by your provider.


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